A is for Southern Architecture…There are approximately 1,500 historically registered buildings, including many beautiful old plantation homes which attract visitors from around the globe. 

B is for BBQ…It is an age-old debate but ask any South Carolinian, and they’ll tell you with conviction that this is the birthplace of BBQ, regardless of sauce preference.

C is for Ghost Crab…Hunting ghost crabs never gets old for beachcombers of any age. 

D is for Dance…James Brown, proclaimed Godfather of Soul, was born in South Carolina and was known for his rhythmic music, funky dance moves, outrageous dress, and lifestyle. 

E is for Equestrian…Camden’s annual Carolina Cup horse race is a premier social event attracting around 70,000 attendees who come equipped with their lavish tailgate fare, libations, and attire.

F is for Flag Painting…Internationally acclaimed artist Jasper Johns was born and raised in the state of South Carolina. The flag painting was inspired by a dream during his time in the military, and it is likely his best known work. It was painted in 1983, and sold in 2014 at Sotheby’s New York for $36m.

G is for Gullah Food…Different from soul food, Gullah Geechee cuisine is a traditional style of food of African Americans in the Lowcountry. It includes seasonal ingredients that is pulled from both the land and the sea. It includes dishes such as okra, shrimp and grits, and fried green tomatoes. 

H is for Hammock…Although not invented here, the hammock has been a staple household item since 1894.

I is for Insect…Catching fireflies is a perfect activity for the hot and humid South Carolina nights

J is for Joggling Board…Traditionally painted Charleston green, the joggling board has been found on front porches and yards since the early 19th century. Many believed if you had a joggling board on your front porch you would never have an unwed daughter. 

K is for Keg…Cold keg beer. Solo cups. South Carolina. That is all. 

L is for Live Oak...The Angel Oak is a Southern live oak tree located on Johns Island. It is estimated to be 400-500 years old, with a shaded area that covers around 17,500 square feet.  

M is for Pluff Mud…Pluff mud is the home for some of our delicious seafood such as crabs, oysters and shrimp, and many rich local culinary delights are named after it.  

N is for No-See-Ums…No-see-ums are a type of sand fly-tiny, biting insects frequently found in coastal areas. 

O is for Oyster Roast…History states that people have been enjoying outdoor oyster roasts since the 1820s. It wasn’t until the beginning of 20th century that the term ‘oyster roast’ was used. 

P is for Peaches…The state is the second biggest producer of peaches in the country, growing over thirty different varieties. South Carolina is the peach source for the famous bellini cocktail made of prosecco and fresh peach puree, invented in 1948 at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. It one of the most famous bars in the world.   

Q is for Quench…Sweet tea is deeply rooted in the culture of South Carolina. It is the home of the first tea plants in the country, and it is also the birthplace of sweet tea

R is for Rivalry…Clemson and the University of South Carolina have been natural rivals since 1896.   

S is for Swamp Thing…The Wes Craven movie, Swamp Thing, was filmed entirely in Charleston in 1982.  

T is for Loggerhead Turtle…This endangered species was named the state reptile in 1988 after the approved request of a fifth grade class. Coastal residents take their protection very seriously by keeping lights off at night so not to confuse the newly hatched baby turtles with the moon which directs them towards the ocean.

U is for Unity...The city of Charleston has come together and shown incredible resilience after the devastating shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in 2015. The victims referred to as "The Charleston Nine" will always be remembered.

V is for Kudzu Vine…Also known as ‘the vine that ate the South,’ the kudzu vine is a native Asian subtropical plant that has been spreading since the 19th century. It can grow up to a foot per day.  

W is for Waterway…The Intercoastal Waterway began construction in North Carolina soon after the American Revolution. This inland waterway stretches 3,000 miles from Boston to the tip of Florida and further along the Gulf Coast to Brownsville, Texas. Its waterways are enjoyed by both commercial ships and boat enthusiasts. 

X is for Cooper River X-ing…The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge opened in 2005 and is the third longest cable-stayed bridge in the Western Hemisphere. It connects downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant stretching 2.5 miles over the Cooper River.

Y is for Y’all…The contraction of you and all. The primary way to detect a Southerner

Z is for Zoom...Myrtle Beach Bike Week has attracted thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world every May and October since 1939.  


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